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Admission Procedure

Students wishing to enroll must fill up the form with required certificates of previous academic year from any academy/school or equivalent recognized by Government of Nepal. An entrance exam will be held for students above grade six. An entrant must pass the entrance examination to enroll. No students can enroll in grade 10 due to integrity reason. For more information please feel free to visit our contact desk or you can contact us by feedback.


This institute grants scholarships and awards to the deserving students from each of the streams. Currently, more than 30% of total sutdents are enjoying full and partial scholarships in higher secodnary level.

Marks in SLC Science Managemant Humanities
Internal External Internal External Internal External
Above 85% Admission, Library, Laboratory, Monthly Fee & Miscellaneous Fee 100% Off
Above 80% 12 month Adm and Uniform 12 month and Uniform 12 month Adm and Uniform 12 month and Uniform 12 month Adm and Uniform 12 month and Uniform
Above 75% 9 month 6 month 12 month 12 month 12 month 12 month
Above 70% 6 month 4 month 9 month 6 month 12 month 12 month
Above 65% 4 month 2 month 6 month 4 month 6 month 4 month
Above 60% 4 month 2 month 5 month 3 month 5 month 3 month
Other all     4 month 2 month 4 month 2 month

Evaluatin System

In pursuance of maintaining the studentís academic capability through constant monitoring, this institute regularly conducts various assignments and examinations in itsí academic schedules.


Students are required to complete the assignments given by the subject teacher within the time frame.


This institute conducts five examinations in an academic year. Mid-Term Exams and Terminal Exams are conducted each twice a year. Final Exam is conducted at the end of the academic year. Terminal and Final exams of secondary level are conducted by the committee of public secondary schools of Bhaktapur. Similarly, the academic program and examinations of higher secondary level will be conducted in coordination with Higher Secondary Level Joint exam committee, Bhaktapur.

Examination Weightage
First Mid-Term Exam 5%
First Term Exam 20%
Second Mid-Term Exam 5%
Second Term Exam 20%
Final Exam50%
ProgramFee StructureAmount
+2 ScienceAdmission Fee 2500/-
Laboratory Charge 700/-
Annual LIbrary Charge 4500/-
Micellaneous 3000/-
Deposit(refundable) 1000/-
Monthly Fee(1 Months) 1100/-
ProgramFee StructureAmount
+2 Management
& Humanities
Admission Fee 2500/-
Laboratory Charge 700/-
Annual LIbrary Charge 
Micellaneous 3000/-
Deposit(refundable) 500/-
Monthly Fee(2 Months) 600/-