Commitment to quality education, dedication to nation -BHSS


Good Environment

A healthier environment is a must for every students to flourish and succeed. Basu School has provided the same with the same purpose. It has its own building with well spaced classrooms, play-ground, well managed canteen and friendlier environment as one family. The Lower secondary building has 20 classroom. A paly-group section is available for kindergarten children. The higher secondary section has 35 classrooms, a Library, 5 laboratories, audio-visual room, canteen, palyground.

Well Equipped Laboratories [ Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer, Math ]

The school has provided well equipped laboratories of physics, chemistry, biology , computer and math. Each laboratory has sufficiant materials supplied to fulfill the curricular requirements. Computer lab also provides internet facility. An advanced math lab has been proven very helpful to students in understanding the figures and mathematical practices.


School Library has ample of collection for studies as well as references. Library is one of the closest friend in student life. So, Keeping that in mind the school has provided good attention on management of library and set rules regarding regulation of study materials for the integrity of Library. Students can read dailies and educational materials while in the library. Studnets can also read other knowledgeable books from Library. It also has a good collection of books from well known authors around world, which helps sutdent reach global arena of knowledge.

Audio Visual Aids

With educational scenario changing and uplifting every day, the school has maintained its pace with the trend. Traditinal way of teaching can be fastened and improvised with aids of tools like audio/vidual aids, multimedia projectors. As traditionally said "A picture is worth a thousand words", these aids help in the teaching process.

Internet Services

Internet has become everyday life activity nowadays. Very few people are unaware of it and the number is shrinking each and every day. The School provides internet facilities. Internet, as also can be said as, the infinite resource can be very handy for students in there studies and provide huge amount of resources for teacher as well.